The Scarf

Red lipstick is to Taylor Swift as scarves are to me. I think they make simple outfits really cute and are really practical for fall and winter.

long sleeve

The easiest way to wear them is with crew neck sweaters. Choose one that creates contrast with the scarf or one that compliments the scarf.

IMG_9813 copy

Another way to wear them is with a basic tank top and a open sweater. Choose a tank top that matches a colour in the scarf and a neutral sweater.


For a spring take on the scarf wear it with a coloured v-neck t-shirt.

Personally I think scarves look best when I wear my hair up and add some pretty stud earrings. Hope you enjoyed my take on styling scarves.


3 thoughts on “The Scarf

  1. Love your blog so far! Can you do a post on how to wear necklaces? Which lengths go with which necklines? I can’t seem to get this right …

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