Products I Have Used Up


Here are some products that I have used up and my opinion on if I would repurchase them or not.

Simple Facial Wash- This was decent but it was hard to wash off so I would try something new before buying it again.

Clinique Acne Solution Facial Wash- I liked this and it felt cleansing but it was pricey so I’d like to find a cheaper alternative. But maybe in the future I’ll buy it again.

Simple Facial Toner- I don’t know what toner really does and I feel like I should. However I would repurchase this cause I feel like it made my face less red after I wash it.

Maybelline Dream Lumi Concealer- This is actually my second purchase of  this product so I do plan to repurchase it eventually. I really like this concealer because it doesn’t make my skin look try and covers acne well. I find it works best with the BB cream from the same line.

LipSmacker Candy Cane Lip Balm- This is so old (which is kinda gross) but I finally used all of it. I don’t think they sell their Christmas set anymore (prof of how old it is) but if I came across the set I would pick it up because all the scents are so great and festive.

If you’re here for the food and not the beauty “products that I have used up” is a common thing to talk about on beauty blogs it’s not just a weird thing I created basically showing you stuff that should be in my garbage.


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