DIY: Triangle Streamers


I’ve recently seen a lot of these in decor pictures and I thought it would suit my room so I decided to make one to string on my desk. It’s super easy to make, doesn’t take a lot of artistic skill, and the final product looks great! All you need is paper (any colour), scissors or a paper cutter, a ruler, cardboard, string, liquid glue, and a glue stick.


1. Decide how many triangles you’ll need and what size you want to cover the distance you desire. I made mine with a 2 inches base and placed them 2 inches apart.

2. Cut out a triangle on a piece of cardboard as a stencil.

3. Trace the triangle and flip it at the base to make a quadrilateral (look at me making use of math class).

4. Now cut out all the triangles and fold them in half to make a line.

5. Cut the amount of string you want. Make sure to leave extra at the end so you’re able to hang them.

6. Spread white glue on the seam of the triangle, fold it in half on the string, and use the glue stick to secure the tips of the triangles.

7. Hang it were you want. I just used tape because it’s so light.

Happy crafting!


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