Rainy/Snowy Day Outfit

Photo 1-13-2014, 7 10 14 PM

I’m awful and dressing appropriately for the weather. This outfit however works for me. Maybe it’s not a super warm jacket (those always tend to be extremely puffy) but it works for rainy days and days with snow. The Hunter rain boots are definitely key (obviously you don’t need Hunter Rain boots any will do) I wear them with a fleece lining so they keep my feet really warm and they’re water proof.  The jacket from Garage isn’t the warmest but you can wear a sweater underneath for extra warmth. I also prefer to wear dark pants because if your pants get a bit wet from the rain or snow  you don’t notice it as much.

Photo 1-13-2014, 7 12 31 PM

This winter I also started wearing hats (I’m not only against puff coats but hats because they always fit weird) but they’re super handy to keep your hair in place and of course warmth this one is from American Eagle. I threw in some beauty products for fun. Waterproof mascara is always a good idea in general but especially on rainy days, and lip stain because well honestly I just like that lip stain and its a bright colour which will spice up the outfit, and blue glittery nail polish because it matches the colours in the outfit. I also enjoy using my Otter Box phone case  on days like today because its protective which is good on days you don’t want it to get wet and  because I regret being persuaded into buying a $30 phone case that isn’t even that cute so I needed to find a use for it.


4 thoughts on “Rainy/Snowy Day Outfit

  1. I never dress appropriately for weather. Always over or underestimating the situation. Lovely outfit, I’ve become obsessed with hats like that this winter. I’m always freezing! X

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