6 Cute Random Things to Add to Your Room


Here are 6 random things I’ve found can quickly add some fun detail to your room and look cute. (From top left to right then bottom).

1. Christmas lights look really nice strung over a curtain rod framing windows.
2. I like using these tea light candle holders from IKEA to hold lip balms on my bed side table and on my vanity.
3. Mason jars with Sharpies or pencil crayons looks super fun and brings some colour to my room. I covered my mason jar in the sticker that comes with a pair of Toms shoes.
4. I cut up a page of Vogue and put it in a cheep picture frame. The blue accents the colour of my blue wall really well.
5. I have a lot of sticky notes I don’t even know why but instead of storing them in my desk I thought I would display the cute pastel colours.
6. This is super random but I think origami paper cranes are so nice. I’ve seen several of them strung which looks super nice too I don’t have the skill for that though I didn’t even make this one my friend did.

These were super random but hopefully inspiring (inspiring is an overstatement) but I hope you enjoyed nonetheless.


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