I Love Lip Stains

IMG_9975 (3)

Sorry there haven’t been a lot of posts lately my computer decided it’d be a wonderful time to have the hard drive break. Back to the beauty now! I love lip stains I may just like them because they bring back childhood memories because they’re texture is really just like crayons and markers. Besides that I really like how they look they’re not as scary as lipstick (I’m just scared to wear lipstick cause I’m worried it will make my lips look dried out). Here are a couple of my favourites and a couple I don’t like at all.


1. CoverGirl’s Outlast lip stain is my absolute favourite. Originally I only bought it because I read somewhere Taylor Swift wore it and now I see why she did. It’s in the colour Ever Bloom which is a beautiful natural dark pink. This one has a marker consistency (pictured on right in image above)
2. CoverGirl’s Lipperfection in the shade 250 its a beautiful red that I actually feel comfortable wearing (pictured on far right in image below). I have one of these in a pink version too.


Here are a couple I don’t like and definitely don’t recommend.

1. Revlon’s Just Bitten lip stain in Gothic (pictured left in the second image) which is like a marker. After wearing it for a bit it leaves a red ring around your lips (that’s never cute) and the lip balm it came with on the other end just fell off. It actually happened while I was using, it almost landed in my mouth (it didn’t even smell good like those lip balms you wish you could eat).
2. Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable in Cherish (pictured in the middle in image above) this one puts emphasis on chapped lips which really shouldn’t happen with a product named balm stain.

Clearly Revlon doesn’t carry my favourite lip stains. However I really want to try out the NYC lip stains  because a couple of my friends say they’re really good. Stay tuned for some more food and fashion related posts.


3 thoughts on “I Love Lip Stains

  1. Sephora just launched new lip stains, and they’re amazing! You should try them out, I just did a post about them (: They are called Sephora rouge infusion lip stains.

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