My Top Websites


The internet is a place for opinions (some of you may disagree, proving my point) so I thought I’d share some of my favourite websites. It will also be funny in 40 years from now when someone’s reading this on the tech device installed in their arm or something and these sites won’t exist anymore. Here we go, I organized them into a few different categories.

2. YouTube
3. Netflix of course

1. Facebook
2. Instagram (if that counts)
3. That’s it I’m not a very social person

1. Fashionista– It’s like a fashion version of a sports website (I’m not into sports so I can’t even think of an example) you have to be really into fashion to like it though.
2. Classy Girls Wear Pearls– This is a fashion blog run by a girl with a super preppy and sophisticated style.
3. Teen Vogue– It’s basically just the magazine but the online version.

1. Lauren Conrad– Her site is just amazing! I love the fitness, beauty, and lifestyle posts.
2. Ultimate Guitar  Tabs– Ok sorry this is so random but I play guitar and they have the chords to every song on this site.
3. A Beautiful Mess– This blog has such wonderful photography!


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