Valentine’s Chocolate Chip Cookies


There are so many different recipes for Valentine’s Day like ombre cakes, red velvet everything, and things with excessive amounts of pink icing. I honestly don’t like anythings that’s too sweet like macaroons or icing so I thought I would find some ways to change up basic chocolate chip cookies for Valentine’s Day. These work well for Valentine’s Day bake sales  too. The chocolate chip recipe I use as the base is located here.


For white chocolate chips just replace the 3/4 a cup of normal ones with white ones same goes for the M&M’s. Keep in mind that this will make the cookies a bit sweeter than normal. If you want to add sprinkles do it after they’re baked they won’t stick on too well but they’re great for a cute presentation. For people that don’t like sweetness as much melt some semi-sweet chocolate chips and drizzle it in a heart shape on baked cookies. And finally add about a tbl spoon of red food colouring to cookie dough to turn the batter red. This will give the illusion of red velvet but not change the flavour at all.

Happy baking!


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