Tips For Time Management (How To Stop Procrastinating)

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The internet is full of procrastinating people and I’m actually pretty good at not procrastinating so I thought I’d share some tips. This is useful on more of a school level but the ideas are definitely transferable.

1. Have an agenda. I know it’s made out of paper and that’s weird now  cause everything is digital but writing down what you need to do each day seems a lot more official than writing it on your phone. Save your phone for pointless games and Instagram.
2. I know I just said don’t use your phone but phones are great for setting alarms. Set an alarm to go off daily to remind yourself to study if you have a test coming up to make sure you’re not cramming the night before. I also like to use the reminders part of my phone to write little things I need to remember to do throughout the day.
3. Just start it. Don’t wait for a better time weather it’s an essay or just something simple like looking something up online. Just start it.
4. I find this especially helpful for school, instead of doing bits and pieces of things get one thing completely done. It always makes me feel less stressed.
5. When studying I like to have a big glass of water and every few minutes I’ll have some water which always refreshes me so I can stay focused. Occasionally I’ll put on music and dance around to try and regain focus I don’t even think that helps it just makes me look crazy.
6. Use sticky notes to write down what you should try to accomplish even if they’re random things. It always feels good to check stuff off.
7. Try to switch up where you study. Me and my friends studied at Starbucks which was super useful.
8. I also recommend to get off the internet!


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