Books For Fans Of The Hunger Games


There are so many teen fiction dystopian novels out there now but Amazon keeps suggesting the same ones. I thought I’d share some that aren’t as talked about (excluding Divergent because there is a movie based on it now).


Gone is about a city that gets trapped under a bubble and everyone over the age of 15 disappears. The first novel in the series is really good but it gets a bit too much in the rest of the series. Numbers follows the story of a girl that can see the number above peoples heads of the day they’re going to die. The set up is really interesting! Divergent is about a world where people are divided up based on a test they take about what they’d do in different situations. I really liked this book but I haven’t read the last novel in the trilogy yet. Finally Delirium takes place in a city where love is against the law and everyone must have a surgery during there teens that no longer allows them to be in love. I found this book super interesting and well written.

Stay tuned for part two but “For Fans Of Gossip Girl”. Happy Reading!


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