Little Boxes

Photo 3-6-2014, 12 40 51 PM

I got these little deep frames from someone who no longer wanted them. They sat in my basement for a while but I realized they would look really neat if they acted as a shelf and frame for 3D objects. I used this large one to hold a cacti and as a book end to hold up my Teen Vogue collection.

Photo 3-6-2014, 12 40 25 PM

I have this cool key (I’m pretty sure it’s actually a belt buckle) but I managed to put it in this tiny frame.

Photo 3-6-2014, 12 41 23 PM (1)

Finally I used these two to put some antique (can you call them antique if your neighbor just gave them to you) cameras in them. It reminds me of something you might on display at Urban Outfitters. I think these are a super unique way to decorate and bring attention objects.


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