Books For Fans Of Gossip Girl


Whether you’ve read the Gossip Girl books (I haven’t) or watched the TV show (4 seasons in 3 months!). These are some books that you might enjoy or just tide you over if your internet is down and you can’t get on Netflix.

Sugar and Spice is apart of Lauren Conrad’s L.A Candy series which I really enjoyed. It’s basically about several girls and their life making it in L.A and starring in a reality show. Sealed With A Diss is apart of the Clique series maybe for a bit of a younger crowd but I’ve read every book in the series and loved them. They’re really just about rich teenagers, fashion, and a lot of drama. The Daughters follows 3 friends that are daughters of famous people. Alphas is a super easy read but is really fun. It’s about these girls that have a talent and have been selected to go to this intense training resort.  The plot is slightly more unique than the others books I’ve mentioned. Spoiled is again about the daughters of a famous actor. It’s about a girl that discovers her long lost dad is actually famous.

Happy reading!


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