My Love Of Tea



This year I’ve fallen in love with tea. I’ve tried several different types but Tazo has ended up being my favourite brand (conveniently the most expensive) . If you don’t like tea this post will have very little significance to you but if you love tea we can admire it together.

In the morning I almost always have peppermint tea on my way to school but on days I feel like I want a bit of caffeine I’ll have chai. In my chai tea I add a bit of sugar and vanilla almond milk. It kind of resembles a chai tea latte but I’m still working on perfecting that. In the evenings I sometimes a chamomile tea and I find it relaxes me.

Hopefully all the tea lovers enjoyed this. What’s your favourite type of tea?


2 thoughts on “My Love Of Tea

  1. I really love tea! You should visit a Teavanna store, if there’s one near you. They have some really delicious loose leaf teas!

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