What’s In My Purse

Photo 3-28-2014, 10 53 37 AM

For those that are unaware sharing what is in your purse is a popular thing to do. It actually is kinda strange I guess, but whatever. I don’t carry a purse around everywhere because I have to carry school books and such so I use a backpack. So this is a combination of things actually in my purse and things in my backpack that would be in my purse if I didn’t have to use a backpack (lot of rambling there sorry).

Photo 3-28-2014, 10 54 42 AM

 So ya I kind of always carry tea, a Fruit to Go, and my Menchies (a frozen yogurt store) rewards card everywhere. I’m prepared for any food related situation. I also keep a little wristlet with ID and some money as well as my wallet, gum, lip balm, hair tie,  and sunglasses. I normally have this in my backpack but I always have my agenda/notebook and a USB key. If you’re wondering my purse is from Garage.

Have a great day!


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