Fonts are a big deal! For those that have never acknowledged them before it’s time to start. Comic Sans and that default font on Microsoft Word don’t really cut it.  I don’t recommend using any of these fonts for your next cover letter but maybe for a PowerPoint, blog, logo, or poster. This selection of fonts is a bit “girlyier” (I tried to figure out how to spell that or if it’s even a word but the internet wouldn’t give me a direct answer).


 The larger text is just an example of the font and the writing below is the name of the font. Below are the links to download each font (they’re all free)!
Lottes Handwriting, Always Here, Always Forever, Pacifico, Bloom, KbRuffledYou Make Me Smile, Preppy Girls Handwriting,


2 thoughts on “Fonts

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    I remember doing something similar to this in school.
    The teacher gave us all the same business name and had us use only typography to get across different themes, such as a fancy restaurant, a catering company, a flower shop, as well as a few others.

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