My Concert Essentials


I’ve actually been to quite a few concerts at locations ranging from the second floor of a building to a stadium. No music festivals (yet) but Taylor’s Swift last concert got pretty crazy. I thought sharing these things would be especially helpful for someone who’s not been to many or maybe someone looking for some wonderful advice.


-Timing: Aim to get there just a bit before the opening act. Running late or being late to a concert is extremely stressful and if you payed $100 for a ticket you might as well see the opening act.
-Closed toe shoes: Once someone ran over my toe, it was just gross.
– Accessories: Sunglasses and a flower crown not practical, you’ll just look cooler (check out my post on DIY flower crowns here)
– A wristlet or just cash: It’s inconvenient to carry around a purse but you know you’ll end up caving to buy the $5 bottle of water
-Hair ties: If you have long hair hair ties are just an essential everyday already.
-A phone with space: If you like taking pictures make sure you  have the space so you’re not forced to delete stuff off your phone half way through.
– A good phone case: If you’re prone to dropping your phone you’re even more likely to drop it at a concert, use a case that protects it.
– SING: It’s the only place socially acceptable to scream song lyrics. I mean you can try it walking down the street but you won’t be judged at a concert.


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