YouTube Favourties


 What are you thankful for? Well confession, I’m thankful for YouTube. I love watching videos on YouTube makeup tutorials covers of songs, vlogs, cute animals. Here are some of my favourite channels for some different YouTube genres.


beautybabby44– She posts videos consistently and comes across as really friendly (I assume she is friendly but I’ve never met her)
essiebutton– Shes Canadian, is great at makeup, and films the cutest videos of her dog.


Tyler Oakley– He’s always so upbeat and happy in videos they always make me laugh.
JennaMarbles– Her videos are so random and wonderful. She also posts cute videos of her dogs.


BeyondBeautyStar– The editing in her videos is great and I love her laid back but chic style.
clothesencounters– Her style is so cool!

LauraZocca– She posts really great acoustic covers as well as originals.
MeganandLiz– I’ve been watching their videos for a long time. They do cool covers and great original songs!


Purple Lipstick Philosophy

purple lipstick

I’ve decided I can’t pull off this dark purple lipstick trend. I think it looks beautiful though! I tried out this Wet n’ Wild lipstick, it was only about $4. It definitely wasn’t a waste. it’s fun to try new things and I may have startled my family a bit with the dark colour. I love how it looks on other people though. I think it’s easy to forget to admire other people and easy to constantly compare yourself to others. I think it’s important to remember that just because you can’t do something  someone else can or you’re different from some else doesn’t mean you can’t simply admire them for what they do. Maybe it’s there sense of style, outlook on life, admiration for school, or ability to pull off purple lipstick.

I Love Eyeliner


Eyeliner is my favourite makeup product! I think it makes a noticeable difference on your eyes (sometimes a bad one is you apply way too much).


The liquid liner I’ve been using for two years now is Linear Intense by L’Oreal. Liquid and gel eyeliner (I use Revlon Color Stay gel liner) takes a lot of practice to apply it well. I’ve dedicated hours to trying to wing my eyeliner (I have a lot of free time) I still haven’t gotten it down though!


I also use pencil liner sometimes I don’t like it as much though. I’ve tried Urban Decay’s liner but I find it smudges a lot as well as Rimmel’s pencil liner in a beige but I swear it doesn’t do anything! I’m gonna stick to liquid eyeliner! I really want to try Kat Von D’s tattoo liner!


As well as being fantastic artists and great people they also have killer eyeliner!

That is all, excuse that this is just a rant about my enthusiasm for eyeliner.

Happy October!

Photography Fridays: Flowers


The only thing I don’t like about fall is that there’re no flowers (there are mums but that’s kinda it). So I thought I’d share a photography series from this past spring which features hand drawn (then Photoshoped) drawings and chopped up images of plants. It’s inspired by the idea of taking 5 deep breaths to relax yourself and reflect.

tree1 copy

pinkflower1 copy darktree1 copyrose1 copy

Phone Photo Diary: Kittens and September

Photo 2014-09-25, 7 28 10 PM

September’s been pretty nice so far. Besides math class and really long subway rides, school is fine. My family rescued this kitten from the side of the road during the last few days of summer. It’s gotten healthy again and living in a new home. It’s been raining a lot! I’ve developed a love for taking photos rain, it looks great in photos. On a less serious subject I finally went to Chipotle and bought a $10 burrito. It was definitively good but I couldn’t finish it!

September Songs



Here are some of my favourite songs so far this month. I’ve been especially been loving Bastille’s album and Ariana Granda’s now album.

Water Bottles


I hardly remember a time when using plastic water bottles was the norm. I remember being in grade 3 and insisting on buying one of those huge $30 metal Sigg water bottles. Now  re-usable water bottles aren’t just an eco-friendly thing to have (although it still is of course) it’s become one more accessory to add.  I find a good water bottle makes it easier to stay hydrated through out the day. Here are some of my favourties which are cute but also practical.


The Bubba water bottle is cool because it has a straw and is also a pretty good thermos. I use the big glass one around the house because it just has a flip lid. If you’re looking for a cheap option Dollerama sells these tiny water bottles. They’re super light and seal well. My most recent addition is the glass water bottle with a silicone cover on the far right. It’s nice because you don’t have to worry about the lid coming off. I’ve also tried out the super light Vapur water bottles but it was super hard to close and got a hole in it (my backpack was soaked!). They’re all great alternatives to using a plastic water bottle though!