Fall Reads

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I’ve read a few too many books this summer about road trips and and very predictable romantic relationships. Here are some books that for the most part branch off of those plots.

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Delirium- A dystopian novel about a world were love is viewed as a disease.
Avalon High- A modern take on the King Arthur legend. A nice mix of fantasy with a modern setting.
An Abundance of Katherines- A trip to a small town with an unexpected romance.
The Awakening- A supernatural story about a teenaged girl who can raise the dead. I’m not normally into books like that but it’s perfect for Halloween!

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Summer So Far Favourties

 Here are some of my favourite things so far this summer!

Summer Reading List


These are some books I definitely want to read this summer. They all seem to have good plot line, they may also all have wonderful covers. I decided just to do one line summaries because well I’m lazy and the full summaries are there already if you clink the link.

The Museum of Intangible Things– Road trip and friendship
Since You’ve Been Gone– Bucket list and friendship
Entwined– Magical fantasy
To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before– Romance

Books For Fans Of The Hunger Games


There are so many teen fiction dystopian novels out there now but Amazon keeps suggesting the same ones. I thought I’d share some that aren’t as talked about (excluding Divergent because there is a movie based on it now).


Gone is about a city that gets trapped under a bubble and everyone over the age of 15 disappears. The first novel in the series is really good but it gets a bit too much in the rest of the series. Numbers follows the story of a girl that can see the number above peoples heads of the day they’re going to die. The set up is really interesting! Divergent is about a world where people are divided up based on a test they take about what they’d do in different situations. I really liked this book but I haven’t read the last novel in the trilogy yet. Finally Delirium takes place in a city where love is against the law and everyone must have a surgery during there teens that no longer allows them to be in love. I found this book super interesting and well written.

Stay tuned for part two but “For Fans Of Gossip Girl”. Happy Reading!

Books to Start of the New Year

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Even though it’s January 3ed it isn’t to late to start using books like these that you use daily. I think they’re super fun (from my 3 day experience). The Q&A a day is a 5 year journal which asks you 365 different questions. You then answer them again  over the course of 5 years. I love the questions but I’m more excited to read everything back 5 years from now. Demi Lovato’s book Staying Strong 365 days a year is super motivational (sometimes I find it a bit too motivational) but it’s really nice to have quotes and inspiration every day. My favorite part is the daily goal which challenges you to do things like try new things and have a more positive outlook. These are way more engaging than any calender and I find the Q&A book great because I’ve never been able to maintain a diary (I have like 20 but all a quarter full) but hopefully this will maintain my attention.

Favourite Fashion Books

I love books that you can look at over and over again. These are some of my favourite books about fashion that I never get tired of.


Parisian Chic is a super unique book all about chic things in Paris and fashion. It has lots of lists containing fashion “rules” so it might not be everyone’s taste. Lauren Conrad Style is so great. It’s simple but super useful. Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Styleis full of lots of fun outfit ideas most of the outfits aren’t wearable though. The Teen Vogue Handbook is my all time favourite! It’s amazing if you’re considering any sort of career in fashion.


Happy reading!