DIY: Mason Jar


This is a super simple project but still looks really cute. You only need tape, a mason jar, paint (no need for fancy paint the type of paint you used in kindergarten will do just fine), and a paint brush.


First I taped parts of the jar I didn’t want to have orange on it which was just a line in the center. If you want to get all ambitious and crafty you could try doing a zig zag pattern or spelling out a word. I then painted 3 coats of paint and waited 1 hour before peeling off the tape. It turned out really well and added a nice pop of colour to my room.


DIY: Cute Magnetic Clothespins


Recently at Target I saw some cute clothespins. There was a long debate about weather or not I should buy them. The conclusion, no I should not. I made these magnetic ones instead, to hang up photos on my magnetic white board. These would work well on a fridge too.


 First I painted them with my wonderful Dollarama paint, waited for it to dry, applied liquid glue to the bottoms, and then sprinkled on the glitter. After about 10 minutes tap of the excess glitter. This is optional but I then applies adhesive pieces of magnet (found at Staples) to the backs. There you go! The colours are bit bright so I might try using gold glitter and a white paint next time!

4 New Things To Try


People are always talking about New Year’s resolutions. I think those are always a bit ambitious I prefer setting smaller goals and tasks like trying out a new recipe, dedicating time to work on something, and eat less cookies (weird? Kinda but I eat a lot of cookies so it’s not). Here are some new things I want to try in the next few weeks

-Try to layer more and wear  statement jewelry. I always admire people’s fashion sense when they wear bright jewelry! (photo credits to Classy Girls Wear Pearls)
– Try to find an amazing juice recipe! (photo credits to A Beautiful Mess)
– Do something fun with all my nail polish, right now it’s sitting in a box under my bed. (photo credits to A Beautiful Mess)
– I really want to buy some cactus and succulent and make my own mini terrarium . (photo credits to Clean Slate)