New Desk Deocr


My new room’s theme was white, creme, wood, and gold. Obviously I don’t have money to buy a bunch of new stuff so I tried to add simple accents to my white desk like magazine pages, depth frames, and things I’d spray painted gold.


My desk and chair are from IKEA like everything else in my room.


Isn’t this hedgehog so cute! It’s from a set, from, guess where, IKEA! To add some more gold I hung up this gold card from a set I bought at Target.


To add some wood items I used these deep frames. Adding this cactus and key (which is actually a key belt buckle).


 I’m happy with how it turned out. If you’re wondering how I made the gold mason jar check out my post here.

Have a nice day :)


DIY Ideas With Gold Spray Paint

I’m moving so I want to switch up my room. I’m going for gold, creme, white and wood combination (kinda complex). Instead of buying gold accents I thought I’d make some with gold spray paint which I bought for less than $5. Instead of using pictures I thought I’d make a short film showing my DIY ideas with gold spray paint. They all worked out really well. I recommend doing it outside of course but not on a windy day!

DIY: Frame Whiteboard


This is a super easy and inexpensive to do DIY. The colours and use are also customizable.


All you need is a selection of paint chips, a frame, glue, paper, and a white board marker and eraser (you could also just use a wet rag).


Simply arrange the paint chips and glue them onto a piece of blank paper. Then place the paper in the frame and start writing. That’s literally all you have to do.



Have a good day!

DIY: Mason Jar


This is a super simple project but still looks really cute. You only need tape, a mason jar, paint (no need for fancy paint the type of paint you used in kindergarten will do just fine), and a paint brush.


First I taped parts of the jar I didn’t want to have orange on it which was just a line in the center. If you want to get all ambitious and crafty you could try doing a zig zag pattern or spelling out a word. I then painted 3 coats of paint and waited 1 hour before peeling off the tape. It turned out really well and added a nice pop of colour to my room.

DIY: Cute Magnetic Clothespins


Recently at Target I saw some cute clothespins. There was a long debate about weather or not I should buy them. The conclusion, no I should not. I made these magnetic ones instead, to hang up photos on my magnetic white board. These would work well on a fridge too.


 First I painted them with my wonderful Dollarama paint, waited for it to dry, applied liquid glue to the bottoms, and then sprinkled on the glitter. After about 10 minutes tap of the excess glitter. This is optional but I then applies adhesive pieces of magnet (found at Staples) to the backs. There you go! The colours are bit bright so I might try using gold glitter and a white paint next time!

The Vanity


I have to keep my room simple because through out the week things get pretty messed up. This week I had three tea cups scattered in my room. To keep my vanity clean I use little baskets from the dollar store to keep all my makeup in in the drawer of my vanity. I use small candle holders to hold a couple of pretty products (even if they have no function) which I display on my vanity. I’ve recently added some colourful decorations to make it a bit more fun like a Kate Spade box and a canvas from Target.


I also wanted to hang some polaroid pictures because I’ve always thought that looks pretty cool. I used the app Afterlight then printed them on hard paper (it has a special name but we’ll go with that). I used stretchy string you might use to make jewelry and clothespins. I think it turned out really well.

DIY: Triangle Streamers


I’ve recently seen a lot of these in decor pictures and I thought it would suit my room so I decided to make one to string on my desk. It’s super easy to make, doesn’t take a lot of artistic skill, and the final product looks great! All you need is paper (any colour), scissors or a paper cutter, a ruler, cardboard, string, liquid glue, and a glue stick.


1. Decide how many triangles you’ll need and what size you want to cover the distance you desire. I made mine with a 2 inches base and placed them 2 inches apart.

2. Cut out a triangle on a piece of cardboard as a stencil.

3. Trace the triangle and flip it at the base to make a quadrilateral (look at me making use of math class).

4. Now cut out all the triangles and fold them in half to make a line.

5. Cut the amount of string you want. Make sure to leave extra at the end so you’re able to hang them.

6. Spread white glue on the seam of the triangle, fold it in half on the string, and use the glue stick to secure the tips of the triangles.

7. Hang it were you want. I just used tape because it’s so light.

Happy crafting!