New Vanity Decor


Here are some photos from my new vanity table set up. My vanity table is from IKEA!




I used these frames from IKEA to frame some 3D things like antique keys and guitar picks.


I literally store all my stuff in mason jars!


I didn’t feel like rambling on about furniture but I hope you still enjoyed.


New Desk Deocr


My new room’s theme was white, creme, wood, and gold. Obviously I don’t have money to buy a bunch of new stuff so I tried to add simple accents to my white desk like magazine pages, depth frames, and things I’d spray painted gold.


My desk and chair are from IKEA like everything else in my room.


Isn’t this hedgehog so cute! It’s from a set, from, guess where, IKEA! To add some more gold I hung up this gold card from a set I bought at Target.


To add some wood items I used these deep frames. Adding this cactus and key (which is actually a key belt buckle).


 I’m happy with how it turned out. If you’re wondering how I made the gold mason jar check out my post here.

Have a nice day :)

New Bedroom



I just moved so sorry if for the next week I’m not posting frequently. I’ve decided to go for a gold/creme/white/wood vibe. If you need something to do on the internet check out my inspiration here or just check out  Pinterest in general!

Talk to ya soon!

DIY Ideas With Gold Spray Paint

I’m moving so I want to switch up my room. I’m going for gold, creme, white and wood combination (kinda complex). Instead of buying gold accents I thought I’d make some with gold spray paint which I bought for less than $5. Instead of using pictures I thought I’d make a short film showing my DIY ideas with gold spray paint. They all worked out really well. I recommend doing it outside of course but not on a windy day!

DIY: Frame Whiteboard


This is a super easy and inexpensive to do DIY. The colours and use are also customizable.


All you need is a selection of paint chips, a frame, glue, paper, and a white board marker and eraser (you could also just use a wet rag).


Simply arrange the paint chips and glue them onto a piece of blank paper. Then place the paper in the frame and start writing. That’s literally all you have to do.



Have a good day!

Photography Friday: Bright and Colourful

 Featuring colourful and bright things in my room.




DIY: Mason Jar


This is a super simple project but still looks really cute. You only need tape, a mason jar, paint (no need for fancy paint the type of paint you used in kindergarten will do just fine), and a paint brush.


First I taped parts of the jar I didn’t want to have orange on it which was just a line in the center. If you want to get all ambitious and crafty you could try doing a zig zag pattern or spelling out a word. I then painted 3 coats of paint and waited 1 hour before peeling off the tape. It turned out really well and added a nice pop of colour to my room.