Phone Photo Diary: Kittens and September

Photo 2014-09-25, 7 28 10 PM

September’s been pretty nice so far. Besides math class and really long subway rides, school is fine. My family rescued this kitten from the side of the road during the last few days of summer. It’s gotten healthy again and living in a new home. It’s been raining a lot! I’ve developed a love for taking photos rain, it looks great in photos. On a less serious subject I finally went to Chipotle and bought a $10 burrito. It was definitively good but I couldn’t finish it!


Water Bottles


I hardly remember a time when using plastic water bottles was the norm. I remember being in grade 3 and insisting on buying one of those huge $30 metal Sigg water bottles. Now  re-usable water bottles aren’t just an eco-friendly thing to have (although it still is of course) it’s become one more accessory to add.  I find a good water bottle makes it easier to stay hydrated through out the day. Here are some of my favourties which are cute but also practical.


The Bubba water bottle is cool because it has a straw and is also a pretty good thermos. I use the big glass one around the house because it just has a flip lid. If you’re looking for a cheap option Dollerama sells these tiny water bottles. They’re super light and seal well. My most recent addition is the glass water bottle with a silicone cover on the far right. It’s nice because you don’t have to worry about the lid coming off. I’ve also tried out the super light Vapur water bottles but it was super hard to close and got a hole in it (my backpack was soaked!). They’re all great alternatives to using a plastic water bottle though!

Summer So Far Favourties

 Here are some of my favourite things so far this summer!

Photography Friday: Food!

Featuring photos from a lunch out with my family.




Chocolate Oranges


I tried to make chocolate truffles. It didn’t really turn out but I ended up making these delicious chocolate covered oranges. Well technically they’re clementines. I simply melted about 1/4 a cup of 50% chocolate . I use a microwave for about 1 minute stirring every 15 seconds. I dipped half of the orange slice in the chocolate. I sprinkled some with a bit of salt and some with coco. They tasted really good and were super simple to prepare. It’s also definitely healthier than those Terry Chocolate Oranges.

Mothers Day Menu

 My parents decided to organize a mothers day get together with some family. There was quite a lot of food so here are some Mother’s Day brunch ideas or just brunch ideas in general.


Scones! I made blueberry scones for the first time yesterday as well as chocolate ones and they turned out very well! They’re very simple to make but taste great and adds an element of sophistication if served with tea!


 Apple crumble makes your house smell really good!


There were also bagels, home-fries, banana bread, date balls, chips, and salsa.


Finally it wouldn’t be one of our family parties without an excessive amount of fruit

Happy Mother’s Day!

My Love Of Tea



This year I’ve fallen in love with tea. I’ve tried several different types but Tazo has ended up being my favourite brand (conveniently the most expensive) . If you don’t like tea this post will have very little significance to you but if you love tea we can admire it together.

In the morning I almost always have peppermint tea on my way to school but on days I feel like I want a bit of caffeine I’ll have chai. In my chai tea I add a bit of sugar and vanilla almond milk. It kind of resembles a chai tea latte but I’m still working on perfecting that. In the evenings I sometimes a chamomile tea and I find it relaxes me.

Hopefully all the tea lovers enjoyed this. What’s your favourite type of tea?