February Favourites


Here are some of my favourite beauty products from this past month.

Dessert Essence Organics Fragrance Free Shampoo- I recommend this if you tend to have oily hair.
Maybelline Baby Lips in Peppermint- I love how minty and fresh this feels on my lips. I find it moisturizing and it isn’t too shiny.
NYC Liquid Concealer- I enjoy using this under my eyes sometimes and on acne.
Kate Spade lipstick in Bashful Blush- This is in a dark kind of pink colour.
L’Oreal Linear Intense liquid eyeliner- I’ve been wearing this so much lately!


The Braided Headband Tutorial

This is a really easy yet pretty hairstyle. Here is a tutorial on how to accomplish it.


1. Clip the the top section of hair behind you ears to the back of your head on both sides.

2. Take a medium size piece of hair you left down and braid it. The trick here is to braid pulling the hair upward this avoids having a lump at the side of your head.

3. Once long enough pull to the other side of your head and secure with a small hair clip.

4. Then on both sides of your head un-clip the sections of hair.

There you have it an effortless braided headband.