New Vanity Decor


Here are some photos from my new vanity table set up. My vanity table is from IKEA!




I used these frames from IKEA to frame some 3D things like antique keys and guitar picks.


I literally store all my stuff in mason jars!


I didn’t feel like rambling on about furniture but I hope you still enjoyed.


New Desk Deocr


My new room’s theme was white, creme, wood, and gold. Obviously I don’t have money to buy a bunch of new stuff so I tried to add simple accents to my white desk like magazine pages, depth frames, and things I’d spray painted gold.


My desk and chair are from IKEA like everything else in my room.


Isn’t this hedgehog so cute! It’s from a set, from, guess where, IKEA! To add some more gold I hung up this gold card from a set I bought at Target.


To add some wood items I used these deep frames. Adding this cactus and key (which is actually a key belt buckle).


 I’m happy with how it turned out. If you’re wondering how I made the gold mason jar check out my post here.

Have a nice day :)

New Bedroom



I just moved so sorry if for the next week I’m not posting frequently. I’ve decided to go for a gold/creme/white/wood vibe. If you need something to do on the internet check out my inspiration here or just check out  Pinterest in general!

Talk to ya soon!

Little Boxes

Photo 3-6-2014, 12 40 51 PM

I got these little deep frames from someone who no longer wanted them. They sat in my basement for a while but I realized they would look really neat if they acted as a shelf and frame for 3D objects. I used this large one to hold a cacti and as a book end to hold up my Teen Vogue collection.

Photo 3-6-2014, 12 40 25 PM

I have this cool key (I’m pretty sure it’s actually a belt buckle) but I managed to put it in this tiny frame.

Photo 3-6-2014, 12 41 23 PM (1)

Finally I used these two to put some antique (can you call them antique if your neighbor just gave them to you) cameras in them. It reminds me of something you might on display at Urban Outfitters. I think these are a super unique way to decorate and bring attention objects.

4 New Things To Try


People are always talking about New Year’s resolutions. I think those are always a bit ambitious I prefer setting smaller goals and tasks like trying out a new recipe, dedicating time to work on something, and eat less cookies (weird? Kinda but I eat a lot of cookies so it’s not). Here are some new things I want to try in the next few weeks

-Try to layer more and wear  statement jewelry. I always admire people’s fashion sense when they wear bright jewelry! (photo credits to Classy Girls Wear Pearls)
– Try to find an amazing juice recipe! (photo credits to A Beautiful Mess)
– Do something fun with all my nail polish, right now it’s sitting in a box under my bed. (photo credits to A Beautiful Mess)
– I really want to buy some cactus and succulent and make my own mini terrarium . (photo credits to Clean Slate)

6 Cute Random Things to Add to Your Room


Here are 6 random things I’ve found can quickly add some fun detail to your room and look cute. (From top left to right then bottom).

1. Christmas lights look really nice strung over a curtain rod framing windows.
2. I like using these tea light candle holders from IKEA to hold lip balms on my bed side table and on my vanity.
3. Mason jars with Sharpies or pencil crayons looks super fun and brings some colour to my room. I covered my mason jar in the sticker that comes with a pair of Toms shoes.
4. I cut up a page of Vogue and put it in a cheep picture frame. The blue accents the colour of my blue wall really well.
5. I have a lot of sticky notes I don’t even know why but instead of storing them in my desk I thought I would display the cute pastel colours.
6. This is super random but I think origami paper cranes are so nice. I’ve seen several of them strung which looks super nice too I don’t have the skill for that though I didn’t even make this one my friend did.

These were super random but hopefully inspiring (inspiring is an overstatement) but I hope you enjoyed nonetheless.

The Bookshelf


I have a problem with changing random things in my room especially my book shelf. I was cleaning my room and changed up my book shelf a bit. Right now I think it looks perfect (it probably won’t in 3 weeks from now). However here are some things that always work really well and look great!  First I love the way colour coating books looks. I’ve had them that was for 2 years now because with any other way they just look messy to me.


I think changing the orientation of books makes it more interesting. I like stacking my fashion books because it brings more attention to them. I also enjoy putting cute boxes on the shelves for storage. I thought I’d add in the jar which I plan on using to write down and store memories to come in 2014. Obviously the sticky notes are just for show right now and they look nice because they accent the other pastel colours.


I can’t go this entire post with out actually talking about books. Right now I’m reading A Long Way from You by Gwendolyn Heasley. I’ll probably have to clear some space for it on my bookshelf when I’m done. In the meantime though I’m happy with how it turned out.