YouTube Favourties


 What are you thankful for? Well confession, I’m thankful for YouTube. I love watching videos on YouTube makeup tutorials covers of songs, vlogs, cute animals. Here are some of my favourite channels for some different YouTube genres.


beautybabby44– She posts videos consistently and comes across as really friendly (I assume she is friendly but I’ve never met her)
essiebutton– Shes Canadian, is great at makeup, and films the cutest videos of her dog.


Tyler Oakley– He’s always so upbeat and happy in videos they always make me laugh.
JennaMarbles– Her videos are so random and wonderful. She also posts cute videos of her dogs.


BeyondBeautyStar– The editing in her videos is great and I love her laid back but chic style.
clothesencounters– Her style is so cool!

LauraZocca– She posts really great acoustic covers as well as originals.
MeganandLiz– I’ve been watching their videos for a long time. They do cool covers and great original songs!


September Songs



Here are some of my favourite songs so far this month. I’ve been especially been loving Bastille’s album and Ariana Granda’s now album.

Summer So Far Favourties

 Here are some of my favourite things so far this summer!

iPhone Wallpapers: Plants


Here are some iPhone wallpapers that I made from scratch featuring some cute plants. I made them using the dimensions for the iPhone 4/4s but they could also work for most phones (apologies to land-line and flip phone users) Hope you enjoy!


iPhone Wallpaper: Find Beauty In Everything

beauty copy

I made this iPhone wallpaper. It’s a nice reminder to look for positive things instead of searching and dwelling on the negative. A positive for me, the weather finally got it’s self together and it’s starting to feel like spring!


 Fonts are a big deal! For those that have never acknowledged them before it’s time to start. Comic Sans and that default font on Microsoft Word don’t really cut it.  I don’t recommend using any of these fonts for your next cover letter but maybe for a PowerPoint, blog, logo, or poster. This selection of fonts is a bit “girlyier” (I tried to figure out how to spell that or if it’s even a word but the internet wouldn’t give me a direct answer).


 The larger text is just an example of the font and the writing below is the name of the font. Below are the links to download each font (they’re all free)!
Lottes Handwriting, Always Here, Always Forever, Pacifico, Bloom, KbRuffledYou Make Me Smile, Preppy Girls Handwriting,

Thank You!

Wow 100+ followers that’s awesome! Thanks for sticking around just to listen to me go on and on about food and clothes. Here’s a collage of wonderful iPhone quality photos of food to show my appreciation!

Photo 2014-05-03, 5 03 05 PM

Have a good day!