Photography Fridays: Flowers


The only thing I don’t like about fall is that there’re no flowers (there are mums but that’s kinda it). So I thought I’d share a photography series from this past spring which features hand drawn (then Photoshoped) drawings and chopped up images of plants. It’s inspired by the idea of taking 5 deep breaths to relax yourself and reflect.

tree1 copy

pinkflower1 copy darktree1 copyrose1 copy


Phone Photo Diary: Kittens and September

Photo 2014-09-25, 7 28 10 PM

September’s been pretty nice so far. Besides math class and really long subway rides, school is fine. My family rescued this kitten from the side of the road during the last few days of summer. It’s gotten healthy again and living in a new home. It’s been raining a lot! I’ve developed a love for taking photos rain, it looks great in photos. On a less serious subject I finally went to Chipotle and bought a $10 burrito. It was definitively good but I couldn’t finish it!

Photography Friday: Sunsets

  Featuring beautiful sunsets from my trip to my friends cottage.




Photography Friday: Food!

Featuring photos from a lunch out with my family.




Phone Photo Diary: Summer is Sweet

Photo 2014-07-17, 9 40 26 PM

I just love summer. There’s so much time to do new things and focus on things you love. Perhaps that sounded like it came from a deep place but I may have been talking about food. I made vegan doughnuts for my friends birthday. They turned out really well For icing I just used 1 cup of icing sugar, 1 tbs of soy milk, and 1/8 tsp of vanilla extract.  Also speaking of food I spent like $5 on gelato. It was worth it though. My favourite combo is raspberry and chocolate or any fruit flavor in general paired with chocolate. As I mentioned before I moved. The first space I started decorating was my vanity table (I have strange priorities). I framed some antique keys and post cards. My sister’s also been working on her room decor. She painted this awesome geometric print which I thought was super cool!

Hope you’re all having a good summer!

Photography Friday: Coloured Film

Featuring develop shots from my first role of film.






Photography Friday: The Beach

Featuring photos from the beach at sunset.

IMG_2487 - Copy