Summer 2014 Playlist


Here are the songs that I’ve been listening to this summer. I really with they had apps like Pandora and Spotify in Canada (they’re music streaming applications). I use Songza which I think is similar but you can only skip so many songs and I can’t take any more One Direction (nothing against them but “Story of My Life” is on every playlist on Songza!


Photography Friday: The Beach

Featuring photos from the beach at sunset.

IMG_2487 - Copy



DIY: Flower Crowns

flower crowns

I’ve recently discovered the convenience of making flower crowns. Why would I want to spend $30 on one from Urban Outfitters when I could make my own. It doesn’t require sewing or spending lots of money which is a plus!

haircrowns copy

Here is the easiest and most effective way I’ve found to making them.

– Use an old or new stretchy head band, it shouldn’t be larger than about an inch. Try and make sure the headband will still fit even if it gets a bit tighter because I’ve found glue makes them fit smaller.
– Buy fake flowers from a dollar store
– Detach the fake flowers from the stem and cut off almost all of the stem that is still attached to the flower.
-Use a glue gun to attach the flowers. Place them so that the petals overlap a bit so that when it’s stretched out there won’t be large gaps.
-That’s it!

My Beauty Camping/Cottage Essentials


Obviously “beauty” is not essential at any time and not essential when camping but feeling clean and polished is something I quite enjoying. These are my essentials to achieve that.


BB cream is great if you’re not having the best skin day and this Maybelline one has SPF 30 so it works as sun protection too. Face wipes are probably the most convenient things to have when camping or somewhere where you don’t have easy access to water. They feel nice and cold against the skin and clean up the dirt and oil on your face. I use these ones by OXY because they’re for acne prone skin but there are ones for different skin types as well.


A lip balm with SPF is nice to have,does anyone actually ever get burnt on their lips though? If you’re feeling fancy and want too look cute for the deer or perhaps you’re heading into a nearby town waterproof  mascara and lip stain are something I enjoy having.
I also recommend bug spray.

Summer Reading List


These are some books I definitely want to read this summer. They all seem to have good plot line, they may also all have wonderful covers. I decided just to do one line summaries because well I’m lazy and the full summaries are there already if you clink the link.

The Museum of Intangible Things– Road trip and friendship
Since You’ve Been Gone– Bucket list and friendship
Entwined– Magical fantasy
To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before– Romance

My Concert Essentials


I’ve actually been to quite a few concerts at locations ranging from the second floor of a building to a stadium. No music festivals (yet) but Taylor’s Swift last concert got pretty crazy. I thought sharing these things would be especially helpful for someone who’s not been to many or maybe someone looking for some wonderful advice.


-Timing: Aim to get there just a bit before the opening act. Running late or being late to a concert is extremely stressful and if you payed $100 for a ticket you might as well see the opening act.
-Closed toe shoes: Once someone ran over my toe, it was just gross.
– Accessories: Sunglasses and a flower crown not practical, you’ll just look cooler (check out my post on DIY flower crowns here)
– A wristlet or just cash: It’s inconvenient to carry around a purse but you know you’ll end up caving to buy the $5 bottle of water
-Hair ties: If you have long hair hair ties are just an essential everyday already.
-A phone with space: If you like taking pictures make sure you  have the space so you’re not forced to delete stuff off your phone half way through.
– A good phone case: If you’re prone to dropping your phone you’re even more likely to drop it at a concert, use a case that protects it.
– SING: It’s the only place socially acceptable to scream song lyrics. I mean you can try it walking down the street but you won’t be judged at a concert.

Tying The Knot


One thing I’ve recently found can really change a top is tying it. This is especially useful in the spring and summer when high-wasted bottoms are popular. Tying tops that are too long or big can make them into cute crop tops and make them wearable again. This is also useful to use on concert t-shirts because it gives them some shape compared to their normal boxy shape. Buttoned tops are also great to tie in the middle this can make them less formal and give them some more shape. So next time you’re thinking about discarding a top check to see if you can tie the top to reinvent it.

Tops (left to right): American Eagle, Selena Gomez concert t-shirt, American Apparel cropped denim top
Skirt: Brandy Melville