YouTube Favourties


 What are you thankful for? Well confession, I’m thankful for YouTube. I love watching videos on YouTube makeup tutorials covers of songs, vlogs, cute animals. Here are some of my favourite channels for some different YouTube genres.


beautybabby44– She posts videos consistently and comes across as really friendly (I assume she is friendly but I’ve never met her)
essiebutton– Shes Canadian, is great at makeup, and films the cutest videos of her dog.


Tyler Oakley– He’s always so upbeat and happy in videos they always make me laugh.
JennaMarbles– Her videos are so random and wonderful. She also posts cute videos of her dogs.


BeyondBeautyStar– The editing in her videos is great and I love her laid back but chic style.
clothesencounters– Her style is so cool!

LauraZocca– She posts really great acoustic covers as well as originals.
MeganandLiz– I’ve been watching their videos for a long time. They do cool covers and great original songs!


DIY: Flower Crowns

flower crowns

I’ve recently discovered the convenience of making flower crowns. Why would I want to spend $30 on one from Urban Outfitters when I could make my own. It doesn’t require sewing or spending lots of money which is a plus!

haircrowns copy

Here is the easiest and most effective way I’ve found to making them.

– Use an old or new stretchy head band, it shouldn’t be larger than about an inch. Try and make sure the headband will still fit even if it gets a bit tighter because I’ve found glue makes them fit smaller.
– Buy fake flowers from a dollar store
– Detach the fake flowers from the stem and cut off almost all of the stem that is still attached to the flower.
-Use a glue gun to attach the flowers. Place them so that the petals overlap a bit so that when it’s stretched out there won’t be large gaps.
-That’s it!

My Concert Essentials


I’ve actually been to quite a few concerts at locations ranging from the second floor of a building to a stadium. No music festivals (yet) but Taylor’s Swift last concert got pretty crazy. I thought sharing these things would be especially helpful for someone who’s not been to many or maybe someone looking for some wonderful advice.


-Timing: Aim to get there just a bit before the opening act. Running late or being late to a concert is extremely stressful and if you payed $100 for a ticket you might as well see the opening act.
-Closed toe shoes: Once someone ran over my toe, it was just gross.
– Accessories: Sunglasses and a flower crown not practical, you’ll just look cooler (check out my post on DIY flower crowns here)
– A wristlet or just cash: It’s inconvenient to carry around a purse but you know you’ll end up caving to buy the $5 bottle of water
-Hair ties: If you have long hair hair ties are just an essential everyday already.
-A phone with space: If you like taking pictures make sure you  have the space so you’re not forced to delete stuff off your phone half way through.
– A good phone case: If you’re prone to dropping your phone you’re even more likely to drop it at a concert, use a case that protects it.
– SING: It’s the only place socially acceptable to scream song lyrics. I mean you can try it walking down the street but you won’t be judged at a concert.

Spring Style Inspiration: Selena Gomez



I’ve been a fan of Selena Gomez since she was on Wizards of Waverly Place. I’ve always admired her style, even then. I think her casual street style always looks super cute but It must be hard to be photographed constantly! I like how comfortable and bohemian her outfits look. The key elements of these outfits are a white bag, sunglasses, and headbands. I will definitely be taking inspiration from these outfits for spring!

Spring Shopping List

springshoppinglist copy

In honor of the first week of spring here is my spring shopping list.

1. Forever 21 Lace Maxi Skirt 
2. Keds Bow Stripe
3. ASOS Jelly Sandles For those not frequenting Tumblr you might think these are the shoes you wore as a 5 year old, well they still are except they’re trendy now.
4. Brandy Melville  Dress
5. American Apparel  Floral Skrit
6. ASOS Satchel I love the bright colour and sophisticated look of this bag.

Stay tuned for some more posts about food!

3 Ways To Wear A Denim Top

I bought this over priced cropped denim top from American Apparel a few years back. For the longest time I couldn’t figure out a way to wear it. Recently however I’ve found a few ways that work and make the top worth the money. These work especially well in the spring and summer months.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

One way is to layer it under a looser fitting top to create the illusion of a collar. It definitely has a more preppy and sophisticated vibe to it.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Another way is to tie it at the front and wear it as a top with a patterned high-wasted skirt. It gives the top some shape and makes it more unique. My favourite way is wearing it as a denim vest over dresses to give a girly dress some edgier contrast.

Denim Top- American Apparel
Top- Aerie
Skirt- Brandy Melville
Dress- Brandy Melville

Tying The Knot


One thing I’ve recently found can really change a top is tying it. This is especially useful in the spring and summer when high-wasted bottoms are popular. Tying tops that are too long or big can make them into cute crop tops and make them wearable again. This is also useful to use on concert t-shirts because it gives them some shape compared to their normal boxy shape. Buttoned tops are also great to tie in the middle this can make them less formal and give them some more shape. So next time you’re thinking about discarding a top check to see if you can tie the top to reinvent it.

Tops (left to right): American Eagle, Selena Gomez concert t-shirt, American Apparel cropped denim top
Skirt: Brandy Melville