YouTube Favourties


 What are you thankful for? Well confession, I’m thankful for YouTube. I love watching videos on YouTube makeup tutorials covers of songs, vlogs, cute animals. Here are some of my favourite channels for some different YouTube genres.


beautybabby44– She posts videos consistently and comes across as really friendly (I assume she is friendly but I’ve never met her)
essiebutton– Shes Canadian, is great at makeup, and films the cutest videos of her dog.


Tyler Oakley– He’s always so upbeat and happy in videos they always make me laugh.
JennaMarbles– Her videos are so random and wonderful. She also posts cute videos of her dogs.


BeyondBeautyStar– The editing in her videos is great and I love her laid back but chic style.
clothesencounters– Her style is so cool!

LauraZocca– She posts really great acoustic covers as well as originals.
MeganandLiz– I’ve been watching their videos for a long time. They do cool covers and great original songs!


I Love Eyeliner


Eyeliner is my favourite makeup product! I think it makes a noticeable difference on your eyes (sometimes a bad one is you apply way too much).


The liquid liner I’ve been using for two years now is Linear Intense by L’Oreal. Liquid and gel eyeliner (I use Revlon Color Stay gel liner) takes a lot of practice to apply it well. I’ve dedicated hours to trying to wing my eyeliner (I have a lot of free time) I still haven’t gotten it down though!


I also use pencil liner sometimes I don’t like it as much though. I’ve tried Urban Decay’s liner but I find it smudges a lot as well as Rimmel’s pencil liner in a beige but I swear it doesn’t do anything! I’m gonna stick to liquid eyeliner! I really want to try Kat Von D’s tattoo liner!


As well as being fantastic artists and great people they also have killer eyeliner!

That is all, excuse that this is just a rant about my enthusiasm for eyeliner.

Happy October!

Summer So Far Favourties

 Here are some of my favourite things so far this summer!

I Love Lip Gloss

lip gloss

A few years ago I had a serious love of lip gloss. I’ve tried out a lot, some of them good and some of them pretty bad (I finally decided I needed to move on so I thew out the bad ones). Here are some lip glosses I like and dislike.

I love Maybelline’s Shine Sensational lip gloss in Peach Parfait is smells amazing and looks super pretty and the peppermint one (pictured 1st & 4th). I also love CoverGirl’s Amazemint lip gloss (pictured 6th). It’s super minty and isn’t sticky however I believe they don’t sell it anymore which is sad because I really like it!

I really disliked CoverGirls Outlast Double Shine. I applied it once and it made my lips peal which wasn’t fun at all. I also don’t enjoy sticky lip gloss so the Philosophy ones aren’t my favourite but they smell really good (pictured 2nd, 5th, 8th, & 11th)!  The Revlon ColorBurst lip glosses (pictued 3ed & 9th) are really pigmented but they smell kinda weird.

Honestly I’m mostly over my lip gloss phase but I still really like using my favourites!

February Favourites


Here are some of my favourite beauty products from this past month.

Dessert Essence Organics Fragrance Free Shampoo- I recommend this if you tend to have oily hair.
Maybelline Baby Lips in Peppermint- I love how minty and fresh this feels on my lips. I find it moisturizing and it isn’t too shiny.
NYC Liquid Concealer- I enjoy using this under my eyes sometimes and on acne.
Kate Spade lipstick in Bashful Blush- This is in a dark kind of pink colour.
L’Oreal Linear Intense liquid eyeliner- I’ve been wearing this so much lately!

My Top Websites


The internet is a place for opinions (some of you may disagree, proving my point) so I thought I’d share some of my favourite websites. It will also be funny in 40 years from now when someone’s reading this on the tech device installed in their arm or something and these sites won’t exist anymore. Here we go, I organized them into a few different categories.

2. YouTube
3. Netflix of course

1. Facebook
2. Instagram (if that counts)
3. That’s it I’m not a very social person

1. Fashionista– It’s like a fashion version of a sports website (I’m not into sports so I can’t even think of an example) you have to be really into fashion to like it though.
2. Classy Girls Wear Pearls– This is a fashion blog run by a girl with a super preppy and sophisticated style.
3. Teen Vogue– It’s basically just the magazine but the online version.

1. Lauren Conrad– Her site is just amazing! I love the fitness, beauty, and lifestyle posts.
2. Ultimate Guitar  Tabs– Ok sorry this is so random but I play guitar and they have the chords to every song on this site.
3. A Beautiful Mess– This blog has such wonderful photography!

2013 Favourites


  Here are some of my favourite things from this past year.

Store: Target
Clothing Item: Mendocino knit sweater
Accessory: Floral scarf

Eye Makeup: L’Oreal liquid eyeliner and Maybelline Mascara
Face Makeup: Maybeline concealer
Lips: Maybelinne Baby Lips and EOS lip balm in Summer Fruit
Nail Polish: Nicole by O.P.I Kissed at Midnight
Hair: Giovanni Shampoo

TV Show: Friends
App: Afterlight
Song: Better Left Unsaid by Ariana Grande

Snack: Nachos and salsa
Dessert: Chocolate chip cookies and red velvet cake (not red velvet cupcakes though cause I have issues eating cupcakes and not making a mess)
Beverage: Tazo’s mint tea

Happy New Year!