Phone Photo Diary: Kittens and September

Photo 2014-09-25, 7 28 10 PM

September’s been pretty nice so far. Besides math class and really long subway rides, school is fine. My family rescued this kitten from the side of the road during the last few days of summer. It’s gotten healthy again and living in a new home. It’s been raining a lot! I’ve developed a love for taking photos rain, it looks great in photos. On a less serious subject I finally went to Chipotle and bought a $10 burrito. It was definitively good but I couldn’t finish it!


iPhone Wallpapers: Plants


Here are some iPhone wallpapers that I made from scratch featuring some cute plants. I made them using the dimensions for the iPhone 4/4s but they could also work for most phones (apologies to land-line and flip phone users) Hope you enjoy!


Phone Photo Diary: Summer is Sweet

Photo 2014-07-17, 9 40 26 PM

I just love summer. There’s so much time to do new things and focus on things you love. Perhaps that sounded like it came from a deep place but I may have been talking about food. I made vegan doughnuts for my friends birthday. They turned out really well For icing I just used 1 cup of icing sugar, 1 tbs of soy milk, and 1/8 tsp of vanilla extract.  Also speaking of food I spent like $5 on gelato. It was worth it though. My favourite combo is raspberry and chocolate or any fruit flavor in general paired with chocolate. As I mentioned before I moved. The first space I started decorating was my vanity table (I have strange priorities). I framed some antique keys and post cards. My sister’s also been working on her room decor. She painted this awesome geometric print which I thought was super cool!

Hope you’re all having a good summer!

Phone Photo Diary: Springtime Things

Photo 2014-06-11, 4 57 26 PM

These are some photos that sum up my favorite things from this spring. Henna! I don’t know whats up with my school, someone is always fundraising by giving people henna or by having a bake sale! I’m not complaining though! I’ve gotten into watercolour painting  these past few months. I paint an excessive amount of sunsets and flowers. I’ve also loved drinking water with fruit. My favourite combos are lime + cucumber and lemon + raspberries. I also saw The Fault in Our Stars it inspired me and my friend to take this cheesy infinity photo. The movie made me sob! I was still crying when the lights came back on in the theater. Other than that event, it’s been a good spring!

Photography Friday: #iPhonePhotography

 Featuring photos through the perspective of an iPhone.


Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset



iPhone Wallpaper: Find Beauty In Everything

beauty copy

I made this iPhone wallpaper. It’s a nice reminder to look for positive things instead of searching and dwelling on the negative. A positive for me, the weather finally got it’s self together and it’s starting to feel like spring!

How I Edit iPhone Photos


I don’t have a lot of games on my iPhone so one of my biggest past times is editing photos. There are so many apps out there to do so. Here are the ones I enjoy using.


Afterlight is my favourite! Its has tones of photo filters, light effects, and different frames. It cost about a dollar but I think it’s worth it for what you get. There are never ads, it almost never crashes, and is good quality.


FrameMagic is free and comes with lots of frames and different options.


Pic Collage is really fun and free. You can freely collage photos and add stickers and photos from the web.


Squareready is really simplistic. I just gives you the ability to make white borders around your photos.


This app Characters is’t a photo editing app but it lets you write captions with a whole bunch of cool emojis which you can then copy and paste.


KitCamera has loads of filters, effects like 3D and fish eye, and frames. Its free and is a good replacement for Afterlight.


ABM (A Beautiful Mess) has a cute aesthetic it tends to crash a lot but the effects are so awesome I don’t mind. You can add cute drawings and borders to your photos with lots of colour choices. It costs a dollar but creates really nice and unique images!

If you’re bored of using the same 19 Instagram photo filters or just looking for a way to add some spice to your iPhone photos I recommend checking these out.