I Love Tinted Lip Balms


 The tinted lip balm is somewhere in between lip balm and lipstick. It’s the lip product equivalent of a teenager. Therefor tinted lip balms are well packaged with bright colours and an edge of sophistication. The key to purchasing them is to avoid glitter and super shiny ones (unless that is what you enjoy). Here are some of my favourites.


I really like Revlon’s lip butter in red velvet it’s extremely pigmented and is a super rich deep red colour. I only ever apply a bit my dabbing it onto my lips. Maybelline’s Baby Lips in Fruit Punch also processes the same qualities. It also has SPF and smells extremely good! Lastly a new newer tinted lip balm I’ve been into is CoverGirl’s Smoochies in #Sweet Tweet (I question CoverGirl’s marketing team, just ’cause you add a hashtag it doesn’t make it cool). It smells really nice and looks pretty natural and glossy. You only really need a few tinted lip balms because quite often the colours and effects tend to be very similar. I should probably learn from that and stop buying them!

Hope you’re having a nice summer!