iPhone Wallpapers: Plants


Here are some iPhone wallpapers that I made from scratch featuring some cute plants. I made them using the dimensions for the iPhone 4/4s but they could also work for most phones (apologies to land-line and flip phone users) Hope you enjoy!



iPhone Wallpaper: Find Beauty In Everything

beauty copy

I made this iPhone wallpaper. It’s a nice reminder to look for positive things instead of searching and dwelling on the negative. A positive for me, the weather finally got it’s self together and it’s starting to feel like spring!

Cute iPhone Wallpapers

Recently I’ve been working on some graphic design so I thought I’d try out making some phone wallpapers. These were specifically made for the iPhone 4 but they should work for any kind of phone. I always have a hard time finding good wallpapers so I’m glad I can now make my own. I hope you enjoy.


I love this quote so much!


I really like how the ombre turned out for these hearts.